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This site is run by Sons and Daughters of War Veterans. Our aim is to expose the ongoing propaganda from World War Two to today, revealing how official lies continue to affect our lives. We are NOT extremists, we believe in freedom of the individual. Neither are we Conspiracy Theorists. We deal with Conspiracy facts however ugly or uncomfortable the truth may be!
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David J. Powis
18 April 1919 -
9 March 2010
Conscripted into Devonshire Regiment November 1939. Survived: Full Siege of Malta. Amongst initial assaults on Invasions of Sicily, Italy and
D-Day + fierce inland battles.
About Us

This site is dedicated to

Walter Ward
1924 - 2007
Merchant Seaman in World War Two - Atlantic and Russian Convoys, D-Day.
Walter Ward
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Jochen Nubel
German Infantry, saw excessive action in France 1944, where he saved the life of a British Paratrooper.
Flutist Tommy
War is the product of Psychopaths.
Since the dawn of civilisation, psychopaths have been attracted to power, like bees around a honey pot. War, famine, bloodthirsty revolts, torture, financial deprivation, usury and increasing violence in society are a direct result of the psychopath’s mindset. Life is too precious to be left in the hands of this murderous minority. Humanities only chance of survival is to peacefully and lawfully identify and isolate the psychopath mindset and eventually banish them from all positions of power.
Psychopaths have no conscience or regard for human life. They are predators and brilliant con-artists, successfully relying upon ignorance of the masses to survive.

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